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Brown Edge Parish Council
Brown Edge Parish Council
Bank End -St. Anne’s Vale will be closed on 14th. February 2019 between the hours of 09:00 and 15:00 for Tree Maintenance Work. The parts affected will be between 50 metres South and 390 metres North of the junction with Sandy Lane.
Brown Edge Parish Council
Brown Edge Parish Council
As has been reported elsewhere, First Bus are removing all services to Brown Edge early in January. Despite a very strong campaign to oppose this by various interested parties they are not changing their view that it is an uneconomical route for them.
D and G Buses have informed the Parish Coumcil that they will operate a service which will be limited at first, but will be extended if it proves viable. To get a full service back they will have to purchase an additional vehicle.
Chris Almond the MD of D&G is aware of the poor unreliable service that has created this lack of profitability.

We will publish the new timetable closer to the changeover day.

This of course means that some people have purchased
passes with First Bus which is no longer useable. You can get a refund on the unused part of your pass from January to the expiry date by quoting the reference ....CC 181 395 11 and sending a copy of the pass to:
H R S S .
First Shared Services.
Princes Exchange.
Princes Square.
Leeds. LS1 4HY.

Alternatively you can attach a copy of the pass
to an email putting the above reference
In the subject box and send it to
Brown Edge Parish Council
Brown Edge Parish Council
Following recent criticism on social media regarding the removal of the screening hedge in the Parish Cemetery the Parish Council wishes to explain its actions with the following statement.

After receiving expert advice, which showed that hedge trimming would be dangerous, unless significant ammounts of scaffolding was erected over graves, and that some of the trees were becoming unstable, a decision was taken to undertake a trial removal of a few trees last year. Additionally a leylandii tree was blown over last winter demonstrating the dangerous position we were in and the need to take tough decisions. There is also some doubt about the legality of a Leylandii hedge of over six feet.
This trial work was done successfully and showed that there was enough space created by the removal of a tree to allow us to work in that area to remove the next tree and so on. This then would prevent any damage to graves or headstones. Therefore we were able to work along the row and remove them all. This work was done after nesting season, allowing us to replant over winter.
Following advice from Staffordshire wildlife we will be replacing the hedge with native species of shrubs and trees including holly and beech trees of substantial size to screen the building which will benefit wildlife more than the sterile monoculture of the old leylandii. It will be possible to maintain them without scaffolding or incursion into the burial area.

This work has been discussed at parish council meetings for over 2 years and has taken a considerable amount of time to put into place to minimise any financial or practical impact upon parishioners and cemetary visitors.

Plans had been reported in the past in full In The Parish News to explain why we had to take this action.
Brown Edge Parish Council
Brown Edge Parish Council
Be part of the official National Beacon Chain.
Brown Edge Parish Council
Brown Edge Parish Council
Neighbourhood Plan meeting. Sunday 4th November, 10 am Village Hall. Final opportunity for landowners and developers who couldn't attend the first meeting to present their case for development of their site to the committee. Pertenent points will then be added to the existing site registration documents which will become available for inspection on this website. No other business will be transacted.
Brown Edge Parish Council
Brown Edge Parish Council shared Leek Town Community Sports's post.
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