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November Report to the Parish Council

Originally Posted 15th Nov 2017, author Peter Turner

As requested by the Parish Council the NP Committee continues to push forward by developing proposed site allocation criteria against which sites suggested by the public at the earlier consultations can be assessed.
This is required so that if a housing allocation was again imposed ie the Local Plan was changed/amended/legally challenged, a developer speculatively put a site forward, or the housing needs assessment identified a requirement and the council felt it should have an allocation, then the Neighbourhood Plan could show that it had undertaken its research thoroughly and a preferred option identified. Just as the District Council has done in identifying that the land off the Breech is now their reserved preferred option.

These criteria have been developed by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee and collated by our Consultant. These items are termed a “long list” and require modification. They should now be discussed, amended and ratified by Parish Council, before being sent out for public consultation and used by an independent person to assess the sites. The Council will meet separately to discuss this in full as it is extremely important that all councillors are aware of its contents and its ramifications.
Several other administrative documents have also been created for the council’s approval.
Contrary to what was stated at a recent SMDC planning meeting I would like to make it clear that BEPC Neighbourhood Plan Committee is or has not been planning to develop land in the Green Belt and have deliberately not discussed the merits of any particular piece of ground or area. because as yet we do not know what the Village needs.  That will become clearer when we receive the Housing Needs Analysis that is currently being undertaken by AECOM