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Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meeting held in The Village Hall on Wednesday 25th. January 2017

Present: Peter Turner – Chair, Philip Berrisford – Vice Chair. A. Bedson, J. Cartlich, C. Jebb, L. Lea, M, Leese, K. Morris, J. Perry, M. Perry, C. Ridley, K. Ridley, P. Rushton, C. C. Stanyer, C. F. Stanyer, K. Turner, D. Wardle & I. Wolvers. In attendance: Hannah Barter (Consultant) & John Bourne, Clerk to the Council. Four Members of the Public.

1. Apologies: Apologies were received from A. Basnett & J. Dawson.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting. These had been distributed to all members of the Committee.

3. Declarations of Interests. A list of member’s interest were on display and members were reminded that everyone must comply with these interests.

4. Activity Since the Last Meeting. Details of the Committee meetings had been reported to the Parish Council and also had been published in the Parish News magazine. The Chairman reported that he had contacted Stoke on Trent City Council regarding Flood Risk and was to meet with a Staffs. County Council representative. Contact had also been made with Severn Trent Water but no response had yet been received. Western Power may also need to be contacted. This was to verify that suggested sites would be able to obtain proper services.

5. The Process Review. Leaflets were distributed to each table as a working group so that each group could formulate ideas and initiate any amendments.

6. The Vision. Further leaflets were then issued to each working group. From the various groups ideas were put forward and comments / amendments as follows: emphasis on Commercial Centre, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Caring Community & Special Landscape Features.

7. Topics. These were again subject to amendments and suggestions. The Chairman stated that he would prepare an amended Vision statement and amended list of topics and distribute these to Committee members as soon as possible.

8. Next Actions. All the information, to date, would be presented to the Parish Council at its next meeting. It was agreed that the next meeting of the Committee should be held on Wednesday 22nd. February 2017 at 7-30p.m. at Brown Edge Village Hall.