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July Report To The Parish Council

Originally Posted 14th Aug 2017, author Peter Turner

Meeting with SMDC

We asked for clarity over

  1.  the local plan re preferred sites and the numbers
  2. The removal of visual open space and public open space designations
  3. Whether SMDC would support the Parish Council if a green belt site was identified through its site allocation process.
  1. Local plan clarification,
    1. there is confusion over the actual plan  was in fact updated on the morning of our meeting.
    2. No site allocation outside the green belt by SMDC
    3. No housing allocation
    4. But the plan calls for 25 additional houses.  Which takes some understanding.
  2. The visual open space
    1. was removed from “The War Moors” as a result of a further consultation by (websters)
    2. Visual open space is being changed to Local Green space
    3. This loss of designation can be (and should be challenged) especially as the consultants were not aware of the situation
    4. They (SMDC) were not against the (war moors) site being green space
    5. They were not aware of the agreement between SMDC and Pcl and asked for guidance
    6. Suggested we did an audit (Hannah has the details)
    7. Ab Balls Field has also lost its designation.  This apparently is a mistake although not received official notification that this is the case
  3. The SMDC position
    1. Firstly only SMDC can propose change to the green belt Neighbourhood plans cant.
    2. Two Options
      1. Provide SMDC in Autumn 2017 with case for site(s) to be included in the Emerging Local Plan if required for housing.
      2. SMDC Investigating the possibility of drafting an enabling policy in the emerging Local Plan to address potential housing need in the Village subject to the NP providing the evidence base for sites in the Green Belt.  Caution should be applied to this option as this could delay the neighbourhood plan as it is reliant on other legislation that has not currently been detailed (likely to be later 2017) and is un-tested.

Another issue is that the Local Plan  has not  paid regard to its obligations for Brown Edge.

The National Planning Policy Framework says the Local Plan must deliver community and cultural facilities to meet local needs; protect existing sports and recreational buildings and land; guard against the unnecessary loss of valued facilities and services; promote mixed developments; plan positively to provide opportunities for outdoor sport in the Green Belt; and ensure that decisions are based on robust, up-to-date and relevant evidence.

There are several issues arising now

First and the most obvious is that the 25 houses that have been allocated but not allocated without any release of green belt will have to go inside the village.  Clearly they are/were expecting the war moors field to be passed.

So if we are to continue to object to the war moors development then we need to act decisively and build a case and be prepared to lobby the planning committee to object also.

Need people to represent planning reasons why the land should not be built on. A letter as we have seen with the holly bush. is a waste of time.

Assuming we are successful we must then build a case for release of a piece or several pieces of green belt as 25 houses cannot be built inside the village.

The 25 houses is just a number  no work has been done to identify the real need  no work has been done to identify the type of housing.  The housing needs assessment will do this but we are running out of time and it might not be done soon enough.