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Cemetery Committee Dec2018

A meeting of the Cemetery Committee has been arranged to meet in the Cemetery on Saturday 8th. December 2018 at 10-00am

If the weather is inclement, the meeting will conclude in the Village hall.


  1. to accept apologies
  2. to undertake assesment and survey of seats and benches etc
  3. to review the tenders recieved for the planting of hedging etc
  4. to prepareĀ  recomendations to the Full Council meeting to be held on Jan 07 2019

Amenities Committee November 2018

An Amenities Meeting is to be held on Monday 19th November at the Village Hall starting at 7:30 pm.


  1. Apologies
  2. Elect a chairman
  3. To formally consider the options open to councilors following the offer to release the covenant By Mr James Clews a former owner of the site earmarked as a burial ground and to report our findings to the Full Council for their consideration.

No other business is to be transacted.

10th Nov 2018 Cemetery Committee Meeting



A meeting of the Cemetery Committee has been arranged to meet in the Cemetery on Saturday 10th. November 2018 at 09:45am.

Business to be transacted.

  • General inspection and decide upon recomendations to make to the council vis hedging screens.

John Bourne,


Clerk to the Council.


1. Apologies Councillor Jenny Sherratt, Phil Cumberlidge Present 26 members of Public Cllrs. Shufflebotham, Lea, Turner, Woodward, Spooner, Cooper, Mcgrath Chair and Dist Jebb.

2. The Chairman Councillor David McGrath opened the meeting by welcoming the excellent turnout and asking all to check the Attendance Record sheet. He went onto explain this meeting had been called by the Parish Council to explain their concerns over the previous meeting which had resulted in two members of the Residents being unofficially appointed as Chair and Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee. He explained that there would now be a short presentation by Councillor Peter Turner explaining the lawful conditions which would require complying with before any member of the Public could become a member of the Committee.

3 Councillor Turner then via Power Point went through the legal points required before Members could stand .

4. The presentation resulted in numerous questions including will members of the Public in attendance at meeting be able to speak which was agreed was down to the Chair. One Councillor suggested this was all to officious and would put people off from becoming members, this was explained that the law is the law. There then followed numerous questions regarding the time of the Plan to be completed it was suggested these questions should be put to Hannah Barter who would be present at the meeting on Wednesday 21st September at the Village Hall 7.30pm. A show of hands revealed that around 7 people were still interested in standing following the meeting