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August Meeting of NP Committee

Originally Posted 14th Aug 2017, author Peter Turner

Committee meeting on 3rd August 2017

Met in Village Hall 7.30 pm

  1. Review of SMDC Local Plan
    1. Local plan clarification,
    1. there is confusion over the actual plan  was in fact updated on the morning of our meeting with SMDC
    2. No site allocation outside the green belt by smdc
    3. No housing allocation
    4. But the plan calls for 25 additional houses in non Neighbourhood Plan villages they are categorised as windfall but because the NP has the ability to stop development SMDC expects us to show conformity by allocating housing ourselves or showing how and where these houses are to be built.

There was a long and passionate discussion about this with a call from some members to halt the plan and to consult the Community.  It was pointed out that if we did this then we would not be able to influence the local plan in any way and simply lose or ignore the vision we have created.

The chairman of the Parish Council proposed that we continue with the Neighbourhood Plan as fast as possible.

An amendment to that was made that we should continue but only after we consult  the community about what they need now that SMDC have published their plan.

After a vote the amendment was lost and the original proposal carried.  It was resolved therefore that we continue as fast as possible with the Neighbourhood Plan

2. Funding Status

We have applied for 3 separate funds from Locality

  1. One to pay for the work in creating plans for the Holly Bush Car Park
  2. One for additional work from Urban Vision
  3. One for the technical work for the housing needs assessment.

Locality have also confirmed today under the right to build that we (the Parish Council) will not have to pay planning fees for any changes to the Holly Bush nor do we even have to submit a traditional planning application for these changes as the Neighbourhood Plan can deliver this if required.

  1. Need a team looking at  our green space and doing an audit
  2. Need to prepare documentation for the site surveys
  3. Need criteria to be drawn up ready for approval at a parish council meeting.