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Month: August 2018

Report to Parish Council Meeting

Originally Posted 10th Aug 2018, author admin

A meeting took place at Brown Edge Village Hall (in the entrance hall) on Thursday 19th July at 7.30pm

Agenda was

  1. Election Of Chairman
  2. Election of Vice Chairman
  3. Preparation for 22nd July Meeting(s)
  4. Review of Draft Policies
  5. Next steps

Peter Turner was elected chairman and Phil Berrisford vice chair.

Undertook an initial review of  Draft Policies and concluded that we needed more time to work through them as indeed some changes were needed.

Developers and their representatives were invited to attend the neighbourhood plan meetings held on Sunday July 22nd

Two meetings were arranged because our standing orders only allow for a 2.5 meeting length but in the event we only required the first meeting.

The meetings were well attended by the public

Notes were taken by Hannah Barter, and are contained below to form part of this report below.

This was the first time any sites were spoken of by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, But it was required so that we can establish what the developers intend to do with each site so that fair consideration is made for each site.

We will now write down any pertinent points on our site register.  We might want to discuss further details with other landowners or talk again to them at meetings such as this.

We will not enter into conversations in private.

I would like to thank all those who took part especially  Doug Wardle who swapped places with Mr Clewes representative in order that they could be heard.

Six sites were represented and the details are contained in this report a copy of which I have circulated to councillors

I believe that this will not be the final position of developers and so we shouldn’t discuss the merits of each site at the moment. And they should only be discussed in terms of our site criteria and policies.

However it was clear that three representatives clearly had done their homework and sought to develop their sites in line with our emerging plan.

I have sought for and obtained support from locality for AECOM to oversee the site evaluations. This will be against our criteria.

Our consultation is currently being analysed.  I have sought further support for this specialist legal advice and I am awaiting the go ahead for this.  The reason for this is as part of the consultation comments were made from various people including members of the NP committee itself calling into question the scoring system.    Other technical points were made which called into question the methodology of what we are doing. and I do not want our plan to be challenged after we have done the work.

Next stages are to turn our draft policies into approved status and to ensure our consultation comments where valid are incorporated into our report.

Finally our Draft site criteria  will be approved and then we can proceed with our assessment of sites.

Hannah Barters Notes:-

Brown Edge Neighbourhood Plan

Developer and Land Owner Meeting 22nd July 2018


Site 35: Wilfield Lane
Provided a PowerPoint that covered the questions.

Answers to Questions:

  • Highways mitigation, they have appointed a transport consultant.
  • Planning gain could include affordable housing, children’s play facility and contributions to education.
  • Transition to the open countryside, rounded off, access includes tree lined area, landscaping buffer and hedgerows retained.

Site 7: Hill Top Road
Did not attend

Site 9: Hill Top
Provided an information sheet

Answers to Questions: 

  • Highways usage would be less than other developments as they provide a car share for residents and it is elderly accommodation so vehicle movements would be less.
  • Offers a choice of housing for ageing population.
  • Other planning gain, at least 3 new jobs, high quality build. They would promote to local residents first before the open market.
  • Flooding they understand the current drainage is adequate.
  • Open question: do you know the percentage of open rent and private rent. Applicant confirmed would be a mix.

Site 17: Varsovia Lodge 
No materials provided

Answers to Questions: 

  • Looking for alternative use to being a car park, applicant suggested it has not alternative use than a housing development.
  • One or two new units, characterful in design.
  • The applicant does not feel there is a need for any further affordable homes, but more desirable higher end developments.
  • These would be built from local stone.
  • They would design a soak away facility on site so no additional water would reach the highway from flooding.
  • The transition to the open countryside would be considered and re-use a redundant site to be in keeping more with the village.
  • The car park has been redundant for about 8 years.

Site 20: Breach Road
Provided plans, and a planning information folder

Answers to Questions: 

  • 18acres in the site using 5.5 acres for housing and sell the remains for £1 to the parish council for sports facilities.
  • Pre-apps, ecological assessment, highways assessment and layout plan for 59 new homes.
  • Mitigate against flooding.
  • Highways access to include a roundabout could be made and it has been confirmed a safe access can be made. Also a footpath will continue into the site.
  • Recreational and sports facilities for inter generational usage.
  • If the NP allocates the site a planning app will be submitted.
  • Sports facilities would address a need.
  • A bowling green could also be provided.
  • Drainage has improved following advice from the Council. Would consider how the drainage of land outside the area couldn’t be better mitigated against using this site.
  • The transition would be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and could include the design of a roundabout.

Site 31: Newfold Farm
Brought electronic plans and one set of paper plans.

Answers to Questions: 

  • In operation for over 20years as a builders yard
    Set within the green belt, although a proportion is designated as brown field.
  • Wood House Lane portion they believe could be classed as infill.
  • Currently they have planning permission for 2 dwellings on the site. They wish to make a comprehensive development that includes some additional land to the brown field.
  • 13 units are indicatively shown, however a traffic consultant would need to be employed to provide guidance on highways improvements inc visibility splays, traffic lighting and a footpath into the site.
  • Anticipated 24 cars would be on site.
  • They intend to use Local trades to construct the development.
  • The transition will be open to the open countryside, vistas could be created to the open countryside from the road.
  • Planning gain is the re-use of a brown field site.
  • To the best of their knowledge the site is not in the flood plain, and a drainage system to cope with the rainwater.

Site 5&6: Coppice Farm 
Provided a letter with information. And site 6 has been withdrawn by the applicant.

Answers to Questions: 

  • In the green belt for the erection of one family size bungalow.
  • Carbon neutral and high environmental performance.
  • The dwelling would also include a space for tourism promotion of Marshes Hill.
  • A bee farm, would also be made in the plot of approx. 4 acres contributing to the bee population in hives.
  • Flooding, any water generated would be diverted to Knypersley Pool with a water treatment plan so ensure it was clean enough to be diverted to that location.
  • The transition would ensure the design would include a living roof to provide an asset to the adjacent natural habitat and also mitigate the visual impacts.
  • The site will also be partially screened by trees.
  • The tourist centre will be provided as planning gain, and at no cost to the Parish Council.
  • The Bee Society will provide support in creating new and healthy bee colonies.