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Month: June 2017

May Update

Originally Posted 12th June 2017, author Peter Turner

At the May meeting the committee started to gather together information such as

  • Start to identify historic features on a map including old houses, farms, etc
  • Draw up a map of local paths and how they interact with walks/paths outside our parish,
  • Start to identify wildlife areas and open water/ponds etc especially in gardens
  • Make sure we don’t miss anything out of our plan by reconsidering the “Big Agenda Items”   such as
  1. what would our proposal of a Horse friendly Village look like.
  2. can we make a “Walking Village” encouraging locals out more. Perhaps have diabetic walks linked to local GP’s as well as encouraging visitors on longer walks
  3. What does our proposed “commercial centre” look like and what things can we do to support them
  4. What role will pubs have and how can we support them?

Designation of commercial area.
Agreed that we should mark the area from the Chinese to the Bus Garage as a “Commercial” area. The Holly Bush car park was discussed and although the area had approval for 3 houses the committee felt that the plan should try to convert this domestic planning to commercial activity suitable for the community such as office space, perhaps a clinic type arrangement for babycare and other visiting professionals and car parking to assist local business. Support for this preparatory work is available for the “Community Right To Build”
The Chairman met with Kate Dewey, Staffordshire wildlife trust, about undertaking a survey of Brown Edge Wildlife areas.
She will be writing to him regarding recommendations as to what can be done.
As a start she felt a good course of action would be to start recording wildlife and reporting this to the trust so that it could be entered in their register. This could be achieved if an informal recording group was set up. This was especially important for the SBAP priority species (Staffordshire Biodiversity Action Plan) these include hare, lapwing, linnet, house sparrow and yellowhammer as well as all bats and newts. The committee will be looking to identify a Recorder who can liaise with SWT in capturing sightings from members of the public and ensuring that these are entered in the database.
All landowners have now had the chance to reply to our latest letter pointing out that a no response would be taken as saying they do not want site allocations to take their land into account.
In order that we can ensure that our policies have been created independently we are undertaking a workshop on 14th June by Hannah Barter that will start to gather together our ideas ahead of any site criteria being drawn up.
We are still awaiting the funding from Locality.