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Month: April 2017

April Update

Originally Posted 4th April 2017, author Peter Turner

Defining Policies

During March & April we have started to identify our policies which arise from our objectives.  This has been an interesting exercise as it starts to become challenging in that individuals perhaps start to realise that their own position or understanding does not fit with what we are trying to achieve as set out in our vision.

We met with officials from SMDC to update them on the progress of our plan which was met with a favourable response.  They pointed out that they will be continuing with their preferred option for the local plan but will say that the parish is undertaking its own plan and that we will be making our own site allocations.  They advised us strongly to use expert advice over the composition of the policies for them to be robust and prevent challenge.  They also supported us in doing a character and historical survey and a housing needs analysis that was forward looking that would underpin our policies.

Our policies will therefore take a little while to develop as we gather information from the surveys.

The grants for the expert advice for the surveys have now been applied for along with a grant for further consultancy work.

We will, after the policies have been approved by the council, be consulting with the community before undertaking site allocations.

This month we will be staring to consult with the service providers about all the sites that have been identified to see what challenges individual sites might have for them.