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Month: March 2017

Meeting with SMDC officials

Originally Posted 30th March 2017, author admin

Meeting took place at SMDC offices on Thursday 9th March

Phil Linda and PT met with three Council Officials

Our Liason officer Jo Bagnall

Mark James & another (apologies for not recording this)

We explained

  • How the group operated and that it was a committee of the Parish Council and it was subject to standing orders of the council
  • Register of interests was published and available at every meeting
  • 20 active members
  • Meet several times a month
  • No sites have been  discussed nor will be until all the policies are determined

They strongly supported us in our belief that we needed technical support with our Heritage and Character assessment and Housing Needs Analysis

He also made it clear that we must not compile the policies ourselves as this must be done with someone familiar with planning matters in our case our Consultant from Urban Vision

He (Mark) said that the updated local plan would still have their preferred choice but would be a backstop if our plan failed.

He also asked for confirmation that we would be using site allocations ourselves. we confirmed that this was the policy of the Parish Council.

He would not be able to decide on land from our criteria because his plan might not concur. Therefore there would be a Conflict of interest

Overall there were no negative comments and they said that we had created a clear vision and set of objectives.

March Update

Originally Posted 28 March 2017, author admin

Steady progress is being made with the Neighbourhood plan and the objectives now defined following meetings of working parties and the NP Committee. It is clear that we need to undertake a Housing Needs analysis in the form of a survey that will identify what type of housing that is required.
The next stage is to create policies that will be binding upon the Parish Council and District Council (if approved by the inspector). Working Parties are attempting to have this stage ready by next month.


Housing Requirements
Match the numerical housing requirements of the local plan with the identified  type of housing that  our community needs.
Economic Commercial
Create an identified commercial area to protect and retain existing commercial activities at the heart of the village

Promote and encourage business and home working activities suitable for a rural community and develop services that supports these activities.
Encourage sympathetic management of the environment to enhance and protect the landscape, improve local biodiversity and mitigate any housing impact
Encourage the healthy use of the countryside, promote wellbeing and to provide facilities that enables sporting, leisure and community activities to flourish
Health Services
Protect existing facilities and services (including access to those services) whilst encouraging healthy lifestyles and social interaction
Development will be supported where it can be shown it will improve (and not put pressure on) existing infrastructure within the Parish
Sense of Place
To acknowledge and safeguard the landscape, character and historic environment of our community