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Month: January 2017

Report to December Meeting of Parish Council

Originally Posted 30th Jan 2017, author Peter Turner

The Chairman reported the resignation of three members

Phil Rushton and Maureen and John Perry because they have moved out of the area.

He had received requests from Dave Hunt and Neil Hargreaves to Join the Committee and subject to |Parish Council approval he will ask them to complete the register of interests and the acceptance of office forms.  He will also hold a training session with them to familiarise them with our standing orders and code of conduct especially in regard to predetermination and Bias before the next meeting on 14th December.

He has not yet received the Housing needs analysis report from AECOM. He has been told that the delay is caused by difficulties in obtaining specific data for Brown Edge.

Following our special meeting on 20th November He sent the shortlisted site criteria approved by this council to our Consultants who in light of recent  challenges to neighbourhood plans and inspectors comments recommended that some amendments should be made especially in the format and layout so that there was transparency in how the criteria were going to be applied to be fair to all landowners.

He had made those changes and is now bringing this back to you for the council’s approval.

He reported that we will be going out to consultation on this as soon as possible and will be calling for independent volunteers to undertake this appraisal of sites.

This analysis will be scrutinised by AECOM to ensure the assessment has been done independently.  He will, tomorrow, be making another application (the eighth application for support so far) to enable this to happen.

He has issued an updated timetable to SMDC so that they can budget for our referendum.

The Vision

Originally Posted 30th Jan 2017, author Peter Turner

The fundamental plank of the plan is the vision for the future from which all policies will stem and this has now been adopted by the Parish Council as its vision.

‘By 2031 we will have maintained and strengthened the characteristics of our rural moorlands village with an active, vibrant and sustainable community supporting a diverse economy with a range of services, facilities and homes designed to protect and enhance the special natural features and biodiversity of the area, thus improving the quality of life for its residents.’

The topics that come from that are

  • Housing requirements
  • Economic/ commercial
  • Biodiversity
  • Recreation
  • Sense of place
  • Infrastructure
  • Health and wellbeing

These will now be discussed and a set of objectives identified which will lead to the plan recommending policies from which we can start to make a set of selection criteria to judge all of the allocated/identified land for development

So on 14th 15th 16th Feb in the headmasters house we will be identifying the communities objectives.

The subject matter to be discussed is as follows although other items could be introduced if appropriate.

  • Housing requirements
  • Type, size density, & design,
  • Alignment of roads (meandering
  • Green Belt appraisal/impact
  • Economic/commercial
  • Designation of commercial area?
  • Supporting shops, business & home working
  • Broadband
  • Tourism
  • Biodiversity
  • Measuring what we have got
  • Protecting wildlife areas/ open spaces/corridors
  • Making new development wildlife friendly
  • Encouraging others to improve biodiversity
  • Recreation
  • Sport facilities
  • Children’s play areas
  • Walks & access to countryside
  • Horse friendly?
  • Sense of place (History and what is special)
  • Stone walls
  • Buildings
  • Saxon Boundary   Hough & Sytch names
  • Infrastructure
  • Roads & pathways
  • Water & flood prevention
  • Electric provision
  • Broadband
  • Transport provision
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Emergency services
  • Access to Doctors and other primary health care
  • Dentists, Chemists etc

Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meeting held in The Village Hall on Wednesday 25th. January 2017

Present: Peter Turner – Chair, Philip Berrisford – Vice Chair. A. Bedson, J. Cartlich, C. Jebb, L. Lea, M, Leese, K. Morris, J. Perry, M. Perry, C. Ridley, K. Ridley, P. Rushton, C. C. Stanyer, C. F. Stanyer, K. Turner, D. Wardle & I. Wolvers. In attendance: Hannah Barter (Consultant) & John Bourne, Clerk to the Council. Four Members of the Public.

1. Apologies: Apologies were received from A. Basnett & J. Dawson.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting. These had been distributed to all members of the Committee.

3. Declarations of Interests. A list of member’s interest were on display and members were reminded that everyone must comply with these interests.

4. Activity Since the Last Meeting. Details of the Committee meetings had been reported to the Parish Council and also had been published in the Parish News magazine. The Chairman reported that he had contacted Stoke on Trent City Council regarding Flood Risk and was to meet with a Staffs. County Council representative. Contact had also been made with Severn Trent Water but no response had yet been received. Western Power may also need to be contacted. This was to verify that suggested sites would be able to obtain proper services.

5. The Process Review. Leaflets were distributed to each table as a working group so that each group could formulate ideas and initiate any amendments.

6. The Vision. Further leaflets were then issued to each working group. From the various groups ideas were put forward and comments / amendments as follows: emphasis on Commercial Centre, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Caring Community & Special Landscape Features.

7. Topics. These were again subject to amendments and suggestions. The Chairman stated that he would prepare an amended Vision statement and amended list of topics and distribute these to Committee members as soon as possible.

8. Next Actions. All the information, to date, would be presented to the Parish Council at its next meeting. It was agreed that the next meeting of the Committee should be held on Wednesday 22nd. February 2017 at 7-30p.m. at Brown Edge Village Hall.